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Disposal Services

At “A” Pallet Company we welcome recycled and refurbished pallets. That’s why if you have any pallets that accumulate or pallets that you cannot use anymore we would be pleased to take them off your hands.  We have several programs available for you to choose from for managing the disposal of your unwanted pallets.  If you are a current customer of ours we can remove the pallets as we deliver your new ones. If you have an overflow of usable pallets we could spot a trailer on your premises.

If you currently aren’t a customer of ours we would still be more than happy to remove your pallets for you. As long as your business is within a 100 mile radius of Indianapolis for a nominal fee we can come and remove your unusable or overflow pallets.  For more information or to schedule a pick-up call our offices at 317-687-9020

*Service limited to Indiana.